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Frequently asked questions and answers:

How is the rating calculated?
The rating is calculated on average votes a day for a site. Votes from the last day are more important. PageRank can be a factor also. For some Toplists PageRank is more important and for others less.

What is IN and OUT?
IN are the votes received from the site to the Toplist. Those are counted for the rating.
OUT is the amount of times that the site is visited from the Toplist.

I registered my site but it is not in the list / I donīt receive votes (anymore).
- Check first if at least 1 of the 5 codes for the vote button/link for the account as given after the confirmation is placed on your site. This must be done completely and exactly as given. This code you can see once more from the received confirmation e-mail.
- Some toplists have more pages. It is possible that your site is ranked on a next page if you donít have many votes.

I donít receive many votes.
Put the vote button on a clear and good accessible place on your site so there is more chance that people click on the vote-button and like that vote for your site. Also it is allowed to put the vote button more than once to create more chances. If 1 person votes more than once a day this will be counted as only one vote.

What is my password?
Under "Update Website" you can fill in ???. Then the password will be send to your e-mail address. This is only possible if you have entered a working e-mail address and if the account exists.

I lost the codes for the vote-button.
1. Go to the correct Toplist of the account.
2. Go to "Add or update Website" and after that to "Update Website"
3. With the Account Number and Password you can log on.
4. Click on "Update Site" (making real updates is not necessary). After that the page with the correct codes will show up.


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