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Adding a website to the powerful search engine is completely free. The only thing you have to do is pick a TopSite in our system and add your site on this TopSite. This is possible with the List Best TopSites or through the search engine where you can search on the subject of your interest.

After that you can submit your site with the TopSite. If you will place the vote-button or banner for the TopSite on your website then your site will be shown in the toplist but also automatically in the search engine. The positions on the toplist and the search engine depends of the number of votes your site sends. So, put the button on a good place, if possible the home page. Also you can place it on more places on your website for a better result. You are also allowed to submit your site to more than one TopSite if you put the vote-button of every TopSite-List on a good visible and accessible place to gain votes.

If you can't find a proper TopSite then you can consider to start one by yourself. A good start is when you know several websites of which you think they will be interested to submit their site to your new TopSite list.

For remarks, suggestions or questions you can contact us.


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